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The Seamark Trust was formed in June 1993, it is incorporated in Scotland as a charitable company limited by guarantee number 144907. Scottish Charity number SC 021578. Registered office 55/57 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3 PA.

The objects of The Seamark Trust are to advance the knowledge of and promote research into all aspects of the marine environment throughout the world.

The Council members are:

Chairman: Mike Stanfield
Professor Ian Boyd
Professor Uwe Ackermann

Mike Stanfield - Chairman since inception is responsible for the organisation of all survey work and the fund raising. Mike is also Chairman of The Hebridean Trust which he founded in 1982. He is a member of the National Trust For Scotland 'Canna Advisory Group. In addition to his fund raising for the Seamark Trust he has raised millions of pounds towards the work of the Hebridean Trust.

Mike is seen here at the helm of the ocean going vessel used by Seamark for it's research.

Professor Ian Boyd - Council Member and co founder with Mike Stanfield of the Seamark Trust. Ian is Professor of Natural Sciences at St Andrew's University, head of the Sea Mammal Research Unit and a Council Member of the Hebridean Trust. Apart from his wide interest and knowledge of sea mammals and cetaceans Ian is co-author of "The Hebrides, A Natural History."

Ian is seen here interviewing fishermen in Maisi, East Cuba, with the help of Dr Haidi Perez Cao from the Cuban Department of Science as part of the investigation into the status of The Caribbean Monk Seal.

Professor Uwe Ackermann - Council Member. Uwe is Emeritus Professor of Physiology at Toronto University. He now lives in Oxford having retired from running the University of Oxford graduate course, Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance. Uwe has had a long interest in the marine environment and was closely involved in the Caribbean Monk Seal Expeditions.

Seen here Uwe is on watch for cetaceans in the Bay of Biscay.

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