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After covering the south coast of the Dominican Republic where, despite detailed discussion with the Captain and crew of their Dept of Fisheries survey vessel which has worked the area for many years, and interviews with the Director of Fisheries we uncovered no information relating to the current distribution of the Caribbean monk seal.

However on Wednesday the 8th of March 1995 we arrived at the south coast Haitian Port of Jacmel (18º 14.00’N 072º 32.00’W). Interviewing fishermen took place during the day:


Mike Stanfield talks with fishermen.

Dr. Karen Gardiner and Ian Rees talking to fisherman through a local interpreter.

It became clear, after several Haitian fishermen had identified the monk seal, that they had seen a seal in the past 6 months between Jacmel and the village of Belle Anse to the east (18º 13.00' N 072º 02.00' W).

Haitian fisherman shows Mike Stanfield where the seal was seen
Dr. Gardiner obtains more detailed information.

We surveyed this area of coastline during the following few days, interviewing fishermen, but could obtain no further corroboration.

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