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Professor Ian Boyd led the scientific investigation this season with Dr. Mike Hart as interpreter. Mike Stanfield, Ian Rees and Professor Uwe Ackermann ran the boat, the logistics and negotiations with local authorities. The route took us from Santiago de Cuba to Port Antonio, Jamaica. From Jamaica to Navassa Island and from there back to North Haiti where full scale interviews took place both on the north coast of the mainland and around Ile de la Tortue. The season yielded rich information with sighting information from fishermen both in Haiti and Jamaica.

The rugged shoreline of Navassa Island

The North side of Ile de la Tortue

Fishing village N side of Ile de la Tortue

Typical cave. There are many like these.

Having obtained permission from the US Coast Guard in Port- Au – Prince we visited Navassa in March, circumnavigating the island looking for potential seal haul-out areas and the beaches that Marc Eliphete had described in his interview. We found Navassa to be an inhospitable island with no sandy beaches and accessible only by a ladder that drops vertically from the pier head. We wondered if perhaps we had misheard Marc and that he had been referring to some other part of Haiti.


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