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No work was carried out in 1998, but in February/March of 1999 a boat was chartered in Tortola, sailed to Providentiales in the Turks and Caicos to pick up crew and then back to Ile de La Tortue and the townships on the north coast of mainland Haiti. More information was gathered and an agreement made with US Pastor Bob Kay to run a monitoring scheme in the Ile de la Tortue.

In May, with the assistance of the Cuban Department of Science, Ian Boyd and Mike Stanfield returned to east Cuba accompanied by Dr. Haidi Perez Cao and Dr. Naima Ziane Sherif. Extensive interviews were carried out around the coast from Guantanamo town to Baracoa on the north coast. They yielded no information regarding the seals' whereabouts; indeed, it was apparent that in living memory no seals have been seen by fishermen in this part of Cuba.




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