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Click here for a chart of the Hyskeir area

The uninhabited island of Hyskeir lies approximately 5 miles to the SSW of the Island of Canna in the Middle Hebrides at 56º 58.00'N 006º 41.00'W. We proposed to develop an ecological survey station and obtained from the owner and the Northern Lighthouse board permission to develop this project.

Hyskeir is located in the middle of The Sea of The Hebrides and, as such, provides unparalleled opportunities for studying and monitoring the marine environment of this sea area.

The proposal was for specialists to be engaged in various activities monitoring the island's development above and below the sea. Seamark's most immediate interest was to monitor the haul-out patterns of harbour and grey seals in the area and to produce a plan for long term research and monitoring of the marine environment of the Sea of the Hebrides.

A feasibility study was funded and visits took place in 2001.While the Trust found that there was likely to be substantial interest in the island as a site for monitoring seals and possibly other marine mammals in the Sea of the Hebrides, it was considered that, for the time being, the costs associated with developing this capability were not sustainable. The Trust will keep this under review.
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